Friday, June 19, 2020

Welcome to my blog!

Long story short i'm a native Android developer who's gonna be using this blog to share his journey picking up from the date of this post, no my dear reader (yes you, not BufferedReader), I do not use AsyncTask, you can thank me later for the mind-reading.

I go on the internet as CraZyLegenD, it's a nickname that I didn't pick but I kinda picked upon from the time I spent gaming in my childhood, specifically from a game called Lineage 2 where I mercilessly murdered a whole clan (now i'm just a cereal killer) and their leader said:
"That guy's a crazy legend", so here I am. 
Thanks to someone from Brazil (since I mostly played on Brazilian servers) I picked this name and never bothered to change it ever since, many ask themselves but why?

  1. It's childish.
  2. It's gonna give you nightmares and you'll have to think of what Eminem had said "I'm the nightmare you fell asleep in and woke up still in".
  3. It's gonna make you cringe all the time like the difference between this text.
  4. 1
  5. Be nice to each other and party on dudes.

But why didn't you go with Medium, it's kinda like what everyone uses?
I like to put an effort into creating something of this style and get far from paywall articles.

What kinda content you as a reader should expect?
Mainly Android development topics, tips and tricks & definitely open-source libraries written by me and/or some applications that are gonna be outside of the Play Store.
The topics are Kotlin only so for my Java colleagues, i'm sorry folks the moment I started loving Java my friend introduced me to Kotlin.

Can I expect memes inside the posts?
Most definitely.

Thank you for reading this introduction, stay tuned for more.


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